Nimai Training

Through its training, Nimai facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable individuals to effectively contribute to the organization. The objective is to prepare individuals to carry out their present job satisfactorily and to prepare them for greater responsibility.
Nimai helps identify the training needs, designs high quality programs to meet those needs and effectively delivers them. No training is complete unless the learning is transferred into the workplace and Nimai recognizes this pain that most companies face. Nimai thus has a built-in mechanism of following up with the participating delegates on the transfer of knowledge and the results obtained thereof.

Our Vision
Our vision is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by effectively facilitating implementation of new and revolutionary programs developed in renowned institutions in the industry as viable commercial solutions.

Our Mission

To be a global leader in providing Knowledge Based services to corporates and businesses by utilizing knowledge resources to efficiently manage activities that the client base is involved in.

In future, we have planned to run several programs in phases depending on the need and requirement of local and outside job market. Besides, we are also capable of designing and running short /long term courses
Different areas in training:

Accounting & Finance Training
(Develop skills to facilitate the control and monitoring of financial activities and services)

Banking Finance; Investments and financial securities; Accounting; Auditing; Islamic Banking

Management Training
(Enhance skills that prepare professionals to face the wide array of challenges involved in supervising people and managing systems and projects)

Administration; Organizational theory and behaviour; Leadership skills; Customer Service; Executive development; Quality assurance & audits; Negotiation skills; Coaching & mentoring; and Entrepreneurial skills.

Nimai is financially sound and has collaborated with highly trained, experienced and professionals of their own field as instructors and staffs. Thus, it is totally focused towards imparting essential training in Bangladesh.

Corporate Training

Nimai provide corporate training to suit your needs. Focusing on the people development is highly required to bring the ultimate excellence & output for any organization. Our corporate training is for development and education at the right time with big payoffs for the employer to increase productivity, knowledge, and loyalty.
Unbeatable Quality & Value

Nimai’s high quality learning training courses help you to achieve your training goals conveniently. Thesecourse are a low-cost and are a perfect solution for individuals or small companies.

Our approach to instructional design
Following are some of the key elements of our approach to instructional design.

• Setting learning objectives
Learning can be engaging and fun, but unless it actually imparts the knowledge and skills required, then it’s ultimately a waste of everyone’s time and money.
• Using interaction to facilitate learning
Studies have shown that while learners remember only 20% of what they see or hear and just 40% of what they see and hear, they remember 70% of what they see, hear and interact with. This makes interaction one of the main ways in which an e-learning course can provide a much more powerful and effective learning experience than a training manual or video.
• Encouraging transfer into the workplace
No matter how good a piece of learning is at conveying knowledge or information, it’s of absolutely no use unless people actually apply what they’ve learned in the workplace. By incorporating realistic case studies and scenarios, we give learners the opportunity to practise applying their newfound knowledge and skills, and develop the confidence to take them into the workplace.

• Providing positive and negative behavioral models
When exploring ‘soft skills’ areas – for example, effective communication techniques – it’s essential not just to tell learners how to do something, but also provide behavioural models actually illustrating how to do it and, equally importantly, how not to do it.
• Providing mental frameworks
By breaking down seemingly complex and amorphous processes – like dealing with a customer complaint – into small, logical steps we give learners practical frameworks for improving their performance in the workplace.
• Mixing media elements
This is about carefully orchestrating media elements – text, audio, images, video – to engage learners and amplify key learning points.
• Motivating learners to learn
As with any form of distance learning, maintaining learner interest and motivation is a major challenge. We rise to this challenge by:

Emphasizing the benefits of every point that we make, so that learners know what’s in it for them.
• Creating a burning platform by highlighting what can happen when things aren’t done correctly.
• Including a wide range of interactions to engage learners and involve them in the learning process.
• When appropriate, making our courses adaptive to each individual’s learning needs, so that learners can quickly focus on what’s most relevant to them.
• Delivering learning in bite-sized chunks
By breaking the content down into small sections, we enable learners to complete meaningful portions in short sessions and find the specific information they need, when they need it.

Client Speak

Nimai has successfully arranged the project finance & working capital for our upcoming greenfield school project in DIP. The Nimai team took extra effort to structure the term loan repayment which


Team Nimai is a Class apart. The team Nimai has helped us in getting our export LCs discounted without recourse or any insurance cost …They have also successfully handled our back to back LCs..This

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